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Shorts And The City


On holidays I can wear shorts until the cows come home and not give it a second thought because I feel completely anonymous and relaxed. But when I land back in London and when it's one of those rare days that's hot enough to toy with the ... Read more


When Lightening strikes


It was love at first sight with this Dodo Bar Or silk tassel blouse when I spotted it on the Matches Fashion website and after I tried it on for size, just to test the waters you see, my resistance was utterly hopeless. Its attractive laid ... Read more


Spring-Summer Sale Goodies


For those of you that love a bargain, and who doesn't - it's a great time to pounce. The summer is only half over and I maybe foolish but I'm still living in hope that sunnier days are yet to come in July, August and typically the first half of ... Read more