Jonathan Rhys Meyers and his tattooed date

Jonathan Rhys Meyers signing autographs in Camden Market

Jonathan Rhys Meyers who has acquired a new tattoo and seems to be dressing like a pirate these days was in London last week.  Aye, shiver me timbers. The Irish actor was photographed by fans above signing autographs in Camden Market. I also saw him in a Japanese restaurant called Yauatcha in Soho on Thursday night having a meal with a dark haired attractive lady. She was wearing a vest top which showed off her multiple tattoos and ran all down her arms and down the front of her body. Perhaps this new mystery lady is responsible for his new tattoo in the shape of a diamond. They certainly looked close over sushi.

I wouldn’t fancy breaking bread with the Irish star who is an appalling drinker but was on the coca cola on Thursday night.  It looked too stressful. He couldn’t sit still for very long during his dinner date. With a red bandana hanging out of his jeans back pocket,  the actor was very fidgety and was up and down going to the bathroom or out for a cigarette.


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I am an Irish journalist who has worked for ten years in newspapers and magazines. I have recently moved to London and started this blog .
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4 Responses to Jonathan Rhys Meyers and his tattooed date

  1. rdwh says:

    Hi Joanne. Would you mind elaborating. Am curious.

    - How long was the dinner and how many times would you say he left the table to go to the bathroom and to go out for a smoke. Trying to get a sense of what “a lot” means.
    - Was he laughing, seeming to have a good time? He’s seemed dead-eyed and distressed in all the recent photos. What’s he like in natural setting.
    - Did you notice if his eyebrows were plucked? Seems to be a new look he’s sporting, not a good one.
    - The tattoo. A Tifanny/engagement wring diamond, or just a geometric shape.

    Appreciate any more details you have. Inquiring minds what to know.

  2. Mary says:

    If this is true,I´ve to say:poor Jonathan.Seems he´s going to hell right now.I won´t talk about it on public comments,but I know what Iam talking about.Seems he need real help and some medicine.
    People saying he´s a very nice guy and he´s a great actor of course.I wish him all the best to find peace with himself and a woman who really loves him as human,not as celeb or good looking guy.

  3. Mary says:

    Omg,Iam so sorry.I meant…Seems he´s going through hell.
    English isn´t my first language,so Iam so sorry for the wrong words.I just thought on my post and realized I did a big mistake.

  4. Thanks for writing about Camden Market

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