Back in fashion and the biggest attention seeker on two furry legs


Since Archie arrived we have had to deal with the biggest attention seeker on two furry legs. Freddie has coped with the very demanding new addition to the household by well, being even more demanding .
Here he is trying to mimic The Lady And The Tramp.
Despite these two tiny mites making massive demands on my attention – I’ve managed this week to think a little about my wardrobe again – hurrah for fashion – what a lovely escape it is.
This is what I wore today to meet my new NCT friends for coffee, the military jacket is from Zara and the big chunky scarf is the Monica scarf by Diane Von Furstenberg.
The gorgeous little jumper and matching hat was a gift for Archie all the way from Peru ..

Since Archie arrived, somebody else in the house has turned into a massive attention seeker


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  • Natasha London

    Very inspirational! I’ve been meaning to set up an office myself at home but I live in such a pathetic hospital accommodation that all my inspirations have gone down the drain. It lacks basic storage and you’re right about the brain working in a similar way. My brain has not been functioning lately because of the mess i have around me. We’re moving back to the mainland in a few months. I just can’t wait to move back!