Back in fashion and the biggest attention seeker on two furry legs

Since Archie arrived we have had to deal with the biggest attention seeker on two furry legs. Freddie has coped with the very demanding new addition to the household by well, being even more demanding .
Here he is trying to mimic The Lady And The Tramp.
Despite these two tiny mites making massive demands on my attention – I’ve managed this week to think a little about my wardrobe again – hurrah for fashion – what a lovely escape it is.
This is what I wore today to meet my new NCT friends for coffee, the military jacket is from Zara and the big chunky scarf is the Monica scarf by Diane Von Furstenberg.
The gorgeous little jumper and matching hat was a gift for Archie all the way from Peru ..

Since Archie arrived, somebody else in the house has turned into a massive attention seeker

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I am an Irish journalist who has worked for ten years in newspapers and magazines. I have recently moved to London and started this blog .
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4 Responses to Back in fashion and the biggest attention seeker on two furry legs

  1. Heather says:

    That sweater and hat set is really quite cool. Looks like he’s about to go off skiing!

  2. findmeamuse says:

    Aw… Freddie is SO cute! That sweater and scarf look so warm. Nice patterns too.

    xx Mandi

  3. You look great and it must be nice to be able to get out a little! I love Archie’s new sweater and hat–very cute! Cute, cute picture of Lady and the Tramp lol!

  4. Ashley says:

    How cute is Freddie? I imagine my pups would act in a similar way if a new member of the family were introduced. :)

    You look gorgeous! So cozy and chic. Love the soft color palette.


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