Just Wrap And Go



There are some days when you want to look smart and stylish without having to spend too much time getting ready.

Perhaps you are running late or if you are a mum like me, the baby is hollering and the dog wants to be fed – and you’ve just managed to squeeze in a fast and furious shower before they all kicked off.

A simple wrap dress is the perfect solution – you just, well, wrap and go. The queen of this style is Diane Von Furstenburg – and it is the perfect option for a busy person.

Just remember to take the time to knot the dress tightly closed or else it could end up being very embarrassing. I had some narrow escapes in the past with a wrap dress, all because I didn’t double knot !

If you don’t want to pay full price for a DVF – have a look around vintage and second hand shops, there are plenty of lovely ones out there.



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  • http://angloyankophile.blogspot.co.uk/ angloyankophile

    I’ve never thought to pair pink with black (I’m guilty of pairing pastels with pastels!), but I love that pink pleated skirt with the black top … so ladylike, but with a bit of edge! Love this post.

  • http://www.thestylistandthewardrobe.com thestylistandthewardrobe

    Thanks anglyankophile. Glad you like it. It’s nice to give it a bit of edge – enjoy pink lady !