How To Wear Graphic Black and White

Wearing this season's patterns such as graphic black and white or animal print can seem intimidating in the beginning, and you might understandably be tempted to scout for the more familiar in your wardrobe.
But in a busy frantic ever changing world, there's something reassuring about clean, and simple black-and-white, especially when it's put into play in logical stripes, and grids. It's much easier to wear than you think, and very flattering too.
It's a perfect go to outfit for a special occasion, party, or easily dressed down for a work meeting. It signals self possession and confidence.

How To Wear It

Adding another colour to the look would only diminish its power - so keep your accessories matching. Chose black or white shoes or if you need to add jewellery, think about a statement necklace in all black, which can look very striking.

In black and white today, when good friends come to stay.

In black and white today, when good friends come to stay.

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