Closet Cleanse


Part of my training as a personal stylist was how to conduct a wardrobe consultation. This involves reworking what the client already has and finding new and exciting ways to wear it, see what gaps it has – advise what they can buy for the current season, and what should stay and what should go. (This is often the most difficult part for most people.)
Afterwards he/she will have a pristine, cost effective working wardrobe with everything at their finger tips to work with their busy lifestyle.

This week I gave my own wardrobe a good cleanse, introduced some much needed colour for winter, and packed away all my summer clothes.


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  • Natasha Kundi’s Blog

    The view seems to be quite magical , I have always wanted to go to New York and this makes it even more interesting.

    • thestylistandthewardrobe

      Think you’d like it very much N