Here Come The Feathers This Party Season


The party season is gathering pace and once Halloween is over, it will be very difficult to ignore.
Feathered dresses are big this year and you’re going to bump into more than one feathered chick at your office party this year.
Here are three of the options that are out there, whether you want to stay black and sultry or red and bold is entirely up to you.
I especially love this black McBerry sheer panelled one from Cruise Fashion


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  • Natasha London

    Very inspirational! I’ve been meaning to set up an office myself at home but I live in such a pathetic hospital accommodation that all my inspirations have gone down the drain. It lacks basic storage and you’re right about the brain working in a similar way. My brain has not been functioning lately because of the mess i have around me. We’re moving back to the mainland in a few months. I just can’t wait to move back!